Team Louisiana Baseball

A Tradition In Baseball Excellence!

Team Louisiana Baseball is a select baseball organization for ages 7-18 catered to working with the best young athletes in the Louisiana area. Team Louisiana is an organization run specifically through Quality Sports Authority by our professional team of coaches and sports expertise looking to further prepare Young Athletes for high school baseball and high school athletes prepare effectively for their future baseball careers that we hope extend into college and beyond. Through the Team Louisiana Baseball program, Young athletes as well as high school baseball athletes will experience playing and conditioning experiences alike that will focus on individual's skills and positions to better players' performances. Contact Jeremy Picard today at 337-937-4360 or to inquire about getting involved with Team Louisiana Baseball and start preparing today for the bright future your athlete deserves!

Team Louisiana Baseball Mission Statement

Team Louisiana is a select baseball organization from ages 7-18 that promote the game of baseball in an emotionally healthy competitive environment.

To assist each player in identifying and developing those character traits that are inherent and common in baseball and in life; hard work, teamwork, honor, humility in victory, dignity in defeat and being accountable.

To create an environment of learning. A baseball academy where each athlete has the opportunity to develop his baseball IQ through the application of mental and physical skills. This is necessary for each athlete to be able to self evaluate and keep pace with the speed of the game that each successive level demands.

To provide each Team Louisiana player an environment for making lifelong friends in an atmosphere of cordiality both on and off the field while learning a deeper appreciation and respect for the great game of baseball